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  • I write blogs and manage social media for small wineries and artisan food producers in California's beautiful Central Coast region. I have 20 years of experience in wine hospitality and sales. I create customized marketing plans, and provide copywriting, marketing, and media outreach to wine and food artisans. I love my job.

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  • Central Coast Wine Blogs provides a full spectrum of services from management outsourcing to individual marketing tasks.

    Although I specialize in artisan food and wine accounts, I also engage with a variety of clients and tasks. I've done everything from working on a website about semiotics to drafting an e-book for a former NFL star.

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Hi Mary! just cruising around the web & checking on my favorite Paso wineries. I'm long over due for a visit. Hopefully soon!

Hi, Meredith! Please pass my greetings to your mom,and let her know I am now going to review and share ALL the great wines I know about from around here.

Great site so far, Mary!

I really like your website!It brings out the kid in me. What great content you have! I will be now be a daily visitor!

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